We’ve got a little teeny, tiny announcement for you that we’re very excited about! We have been having regular little catchups whilst everyone’s been working from home on a daily basis, and a couple of days ago, we were talking about the fact that so many small businesses are really feeling the pressure right now. They’re trying to get as lean as possible and take control of their costs, and that might mean for some that they’re turning off some of their marketing. However, right now, more than ever, we really all need to be working on our brand awareness, maintaining consistency and getting our messaging out there. As small businesses, we all need to be talking online about the value we can give our audiences if we’re going to ensure we stay in business.

We want to give back

As a team, we needed to find a way that we could essentially ‘give back’ in order to feel like we were doing our part.  We are very much part of various communities both online and offline through the various memberships we’re fortunate enough to enjoy. Our part in those communities has been built on us showing up and not just rocking up with a few Facebook posts here or LinkedIn updates there.

The whole point of Green Umbrella’s existence as a business is to help small businesses – and we wanted to make sure we were doing just that. The reality is that there are a lot of small businesses and self-employed people right now that are going through a really tough time. So, if we can do something to offer these individuals a bit of additional support, that’s what we wanted to do.

You may already know about the Green Umbrella Coaching Club. Clients engage in a monthly package where they get access to us via one-to-one sessions and live webinars, amongst other things. We’ve now developed an entry-level ‘starter’ package, that we are going to give away for free.

This is our little way of trying to put a bit of positivity out there in the business world, and hopefully, do our best to help those businesses that really, really need some marketing support to get through the coming days, weeks, and months.

What are we offering?

So, what we’re doing is we are going to give away six months of access to the Coaching Club starter package. Free membership will run from April to September 2020. Initially, we’re going to give away 100 individual memberships.

  • Live Webinars

Each month we run a minimum of two live webinars on a variety of social media and digital marketing related topics. These are 100% live, and topics are decided based on feedback from the members of the coaching club Facebook group

  • Access to the Closed Facebook Group

The Facebook group acts as a bit of a forum. So, if you have marketing related questions or you’re trying to figure out what the right tool is; or if you’re struggling with some messaging you need some support in getting right, this is a safe place to ask those questions. Our social media coaches will be on hand

  • Exclusive offers & discounts

We’re going to make sure we’ve got a steady stream of offers and discounts for members, and some of those offers and discounts are coming from third parties, meaning they won’t just be on Green Umbrella services, but also from some of our partners too, which will hopefully also help them in their businesses. (That’s our hope anyway!)

So what do you think? Is this of interest to you?

Perhaps you’ve had some training from us, or you’ve been on one of our webinars previously. Maybe you’ve seen us speak at an event or you’ve perhaps just picked our brain for 10 minutes somewhere along the way? If you think we can offer you some support in terms of your marketing, we would love for you to join.

We are currently only offering 100 individual memberships on a first-come, first-served basis – 100% free until the 30th September 2020 for UK based businesses with no ongoing commitment for you.

Unfortunately, due to high demand, all 100 places have been allocated, but please do fill in the form below to be added to the waitlist list!

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