Give People a Reason to Follow You

Give People a Reason to Follow You Ask yourself “Why should people follow me?”

If you are not sure of the answer then it may be time to ask your audience. Perhaps add a poll question to your Facebook page, or send out a survey (via Survey Monkey) and find out the reasons why people are following you.

We recently asked the audience, and the response was:-

1. To find out the latest news in social media, in an understandable way.

2. To discover new tools that will help their businesses

3. Many people just enjoyed seeing the weird and quirky conversations that happened in the office (aka: entertaining).

Why would people follow you? Give your audience a reason to follow you. I challenge you to take a look at your last ten posts (either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn). Are you bored with the content? Do you find it entertaining or interesting? If not, then perhaps it’s time to change your strategy.


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