Green Umbrella Live Lunch Ep 144

Welcome to Live Lunch!

Yep – we’re not strictly talking marketing this week! Join us in welcoming our very special guests, Imran Ahmed, Jen Roblin, and Lewis Dutson, where we’ll touch on everything from human psychology to anxiety, how we all have a story, and much more!

PLUS… Christina’s sharing BIG NEWS about a secret project she has been working on!

Here are the snippets:

01:42 – Jen Roblin, Lewis Dutson, and Imran Ahmed tell us who they are, and share their story. “I have been struggling with anxiety for many, many years, and I turned that around and used it to my advantage. I did that mainly through the corporate world and borrowing other people’s beliefs in me until I was able to have that belief in myself.” – Jen Roblin “The way I got my business was completely different to many people. So my dad started the cleaning business in 1985. And unfortunately, when I was 23 years old, he passed away from skin cancer. And all of a sudden, I became the managing director of a business that had 40 employees, half a million-pound turnover, and clients that had million-pound businesses.” – Lewis Dutson “My journey and story are based on not being good enough or not feeling worthy for most of my life. And that took me down a path of discovery, a quest to find who I was. What was happening in this mind of mine that was making up a lot of the things and keeping me stuck in suffering but, more importantly, seeing the people around me staying in suffering for so long? And then learning a series of tools to understand how impactful and powerful they can be to make a difference in someone else’s life and someone else’s world.” – Imran Ahmed

05:44 – Christina shares her big secret: “I’m partnering with all things ECT and intervention Academy and all this amazing stuff.”

8:18 – What is ECT? “What it really is, is the greatest set of tools available for human change. That’s what it really is. It’s actually a discovery of philosophy, psychology, intuition and heart. And it’s the fusion of all of them coming together. But more importantly, what is it for me? Well, it’s the tools that I should have learned when I was younger. It’s the tools and strategies that most of us should have had.” Imran

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11:26 – What would you say to those who are opposed to emotional change therapy? “The biggest problem in most people is they don’t understand something but they’ll create a judgment around it without fully understanding it” – Imran

15:30 – Why do people go to Jen? “The majority of my clients come to me because they’re anxious. That’s the main driver.”

17:06 – Lewis tells us why he’s onboard “I had the privilege of starting to learn this stuff and personal development around 21/22 years old. When I was at a point in my life where I didn’t think I could get any worse. So is this the thing saving us? I asked that question one day to myself, “what the hell am I here for?” And that’s where it all starts within you. And this is the greatest thing about ECT, you go there to learn how to help lots of people and you have this ripple effect and you’re helping communities, you’re helping countries, you’re helping the world.

28:59 – “Let me tell you, this is why we’ve created the breakthrough experience and what the breakthrough experience is designed to be able to provide you with is a number of breakthroughs. So that you can come and take a taste of what the six days will really be like. It is designed for you to unravel. We may just take a couple of layers off there, but I guarantee you that through some of the processes, we’re going to hit the core, and the core is going to come out, and what happens is there are tears of joy at some point and that’s when your authenticity and your heart comes.”

35:47 – “Once we introduce you to the science, the recent science that has come out about the heart, it’s gonna blow your freakin mind. It’s gonna blow your mind because that’s what it does. The information and the science behind this that’s rock solid science peer-reviewed.” Imran

39:16 – “We’re looking for not just people that have no experience; we’re looking for the people that are either NLP practitioners, NLP diplomas, NLP master practitioners, NLP trainers, people in hypnosis, people in counselling CBT elite. The reason why we’re looking for these people is that they add to their existing set of tools.” – Imran

42:42 – “My personal experience from the six days last year, I went in with a vision and came out with a completely different one, which is how it changed my life completely. My business is more successful, and my emotional health is more successful.” – Lewis Dutson

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