GU Live Lunch – Ep 152

Social media news and updates - Green Umbrella Live Lunch

Live lunch – Social Media News

Join Nicole, Molly and Mark as they discuss the latest social media news

Here are the snippets:

04:19 – Twitter has announced that they’re going to prioritise tweets from paid profiles in both the For You feed and tweet replies. So despite all the criticism about Twitter blue subscription, and that only 0.26% of users paying, they are going to be prioritizing the paid profiles.
05:37 – Twitter has announced that you will need to have a Twitter account in order to create a Twitter Ad.
06:43 – Elon Musk has stripped some top names of their blue tick, these include Beyonce, The Pope, Kanye West.
09:17 – You will no longer be able to search Twitter unless you have an account and are logged in. Previously you could search the platform without having to log in.
11:54 – Rumours are circulating that Twitter is looking to bring back some fan favourites, including Fleets (essentially Story mode), Periscope (Live Stream), and Vine! Remember that? Check out Molly and Nicole’s reaction to the news!!
18:47 – WhatsApp is adding a new option for users to keep disappearing messages in a chat thread if the sender approves it. So in WhatsApp, you can do like almost like Snapchat. So it only shows once, and then it disappears. But now, there’s an option to keep them because apparently, users have been reporting wanting an option to keep them.
22:59 – TikTok is trying to push big retailers to expand their shops within TikTok – will it work?

See you next week!

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