Social Snippet February 2023

Social media news February 2023

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TikTok Quietly Expands Direct Messaging

Some users have received emails this week (w/c 23rd Jan) to highlight changes made in November 2022 regarding the expansion of direct messages. By doing this, the platform can compete with the likes of Instagram to keep users spending more time in their app.


900 Million Members - WOW!

LinkedIn has again reported record levels of in-app engagement in the most recent quarter...900 million members. Just let that sink in. 900 million members! LinkedIn sessions also rose by a whopping 18% and revenue by an impressive 10% and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down.



The analytics updates include new data on subscriber growth, ‘Shorts’ thumbnails and new subscriber recognition options. The new element to YouTube Studio is to display a breakdown of subscribers gained by each content type to help explain the video performance

For more information on updates to YouTube analytics, click here:


  • New heart rate monitoring feature and Health Connect by Android makes tracking your fitness easier 
  • With the immersive virtual reality (VR) fitness apps on Meta Quest, users can break a sweat whenever and wherever they want.  
  • Users can attend immersive VR classes and download apps to participate in their favourite sports including boxing, basketball and tennis.  

To learn about the ‘track your fitness feature’, click here: 

Have you heard of the new social media app 'Gas'?

Discord announced the rise of 'Gas', which enables teens to send anonymous compliments to their friends or people in their circle. All you have to do is sign up, join your school and then participate in positive polls and activities with the rest of your classmates. The main thing you need to know is this is a positive app ONLY!

Now, this app might not be hugely relevant from a social media marketing perspective, but it's definitely worth noting and getting ahead with all you need to know about the app, as you never know where it could go.

Could this be a new take on changing negativity within the digital world?

For more information, check out this Social Media Today Article here:

New profile pic, who dis?

Instagram has updated the app, merging users into its own metaverse experience with a new feature that lets you add an alternative avatar profile photo, which can be flipped to view.

You might have already seen the app promoting the use of avatars in more places; for example, commenting on someone's story using your own avatar reaction, etc. This is to encourage people to create their very own avatars.

The question is, will you be jumping on this new feature and creating your own avatar?

Check out what the new update looks like right here:

ChatGPT Pro is launched

We've spoken a lot on Live Lunch over the past month about AI and, in particular, ChatGPT. The new ChatGPT Pro offers faster speeds, reliable access, and priority to new features for $42/mo. Currently in the early access phase, though, so not yet widely available.

To find out more, visit:

Yoast introduces major interface changes

Popular WordPress SEO plugin Yoast has released version 20.0 with major changes to the interface.

The new version of Yoast does away with previous method of users having to click on multiple tabs to access pages with numerous choices in favour of a more sleek, card style system.

To find out more visit:

Facebook Creator Studio shuts down, rebrands as Meta Business Suite

Meta is in the process of shutting down its Facebook Creator Studio in a move that will see its offerings become more streamlined.  

We think this is a good move from Meta, as it feels a bit disjointed at the moment, so having page admin tools, analytics, content creation, and scheduling all in one place will make management and reporting a lot easier. 

Read more here: 

LinkedIn Looks to Boost Newsletter Discovery by Showcasing Which Newsletters Users are Subscribed to

LinkedIn’s looking to make it easier to find relevant newsletters in your niche, by adding a new option that will enable members to view what newsletters another member is subscribed to in the app.  

We think this is a useful addition because it’s not always easy to know what newsletters exist, so being able to see what your connections are subscribed to will make it much easier to find relevant content. 

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