GU Live Lunch – Ep 156

Green Umbrella Live Lunch - Social Media News and Updates

Join Christina, Nicole, Kim, Molly and Mark for your weekly update of social media news, find out what we’ve been up to, and what we’ve got to look forward to!

Join us for this week’s instalment of social media news and general mischievousness!

Here are the snippets:

02:50 – WhatsApp has announced a handy new feature allowing users to edit messages up to 15 minutes after they hit send.

08:00 – Meta has added new tools that aim to help brands make more direct contact with their consumers through new tools that will make it easier for users to connect with businesses. Examples include automatically applying advertised discount codes to checkout or having updating lead adverts with a new dynamic question flow.

13:27 – Meta’s rival app, Barcelona is set to be launched next month and will be a text-based app like Instagram

16:16 – Meta has agreed to sell Giphy to Shutterstock for a massive $347 million loss after a long-running legal battle.

22:27 – YouTube is expanding access to its Community Posts feature, allowing all creators to activate the option, allowing your audience another way to interact with your YouTube content.

24:00 – YouTube will be introducing 30-second unskippable ads on connected TVs, which will replace the two 15-second consecutive ads that run today when advertisers target top videos through the YouTube Select program.

29:38 – iPhone has launched an app for ChatGPT. Unfortunately, this isn’t available for Android users just yet.

32:22 – Twitter has confirmed that Twitter Blue subscribers – all 650k of them – can now upload videos up to two hours long in the app.

37:30 – SEO seems to be the hot topic at the moment. What can we do to improve our SEO rating (you’ll have to watch to find out!)

45:46 – The next cohort of the Green Umbrella Catalyst course starts on Monday 5th of June!

See you all next week!

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