GU Live Lunch – Ep 161

Social Media News - GU Live Lunch

Join Christina, Mark, Kim and Molly as they talk about what has caught their eye in the world of Social Media and marketing this week.

Here are the snippets:

04:55 – WhatsApp is adding a new promotional option to help brands connect with customers. They are launching paid promotions that you can launch on WhatsApp and share on Facebook and Instagram without an account. And the idea is to boost brand exposure and create more direct lines of communication between consumers and brands.

05:45 – Whatsapp Business for recruiters – we chat about the benefits of using Broadcast Channels to reach candidates effectively.

07:34 – Meta’s new text-based app, dubbed P92, is set to launch. This will be built on the back of Instagram’s network graph. Meta’s hoping to reach ‘tens of millions’ of users within the first few months of the app becoming available to the public.

11:40 – TikTok has announced they will be discontinuing TikTok now, the copycat of BeReal. TikTok Now was launched as an in-app functionality in some markets and a separate app in others. Currently, we’re not sure if the solo app will be shuttered, but the in-app option will soon be no gone!

16:07 – LinkedIn is experimenting with monetization opportunities for creators. They’re looking to create monetization opportunities for Creator Mode users as well via a new collaborative posting option that would enable brands and influencers to share insights on ad campaigns.

18:48 – LinkedIn has updated its algorithm in response to user feedback that there is too much non-professional content in their feeds. Full details to the changes can be found here…

25:38 – LinkedIn reveals AI image retection research that Catches fake profiles. LinkedIn removed more than 15 million fake accounts in the first six months of 2021, according to its most recent transparency report.

30:08 – LinkedIn has been developing a new option that would enable you to generate AI posts. The AI assistant would prompt you to ‘share your ideas’ in the composer. It would then provide suggestions for a ‘first draft’ of a post.

33:37 – Kim gives the team an impromptu AI quiz after learning the timeline of AI.

37:50 – Facebook now allows you to snip parts of a long-form video and turn it into a reel that has a call to action back to the full video.

43:24 – We chat about the upcoming webinar featuring Darin Adams from KEAP, to talk about all things marketing and automation.

See you next week!

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