GU Live Lunch – Ep 163

Gu Live Lunch Ep 164

Join Christina, Mark, Nicole and Molly as they talk about what has caught their eye in the world of Social Media and marketing this week.

Here are the snippets:

03:08 – Christina talks about this being Molly’s last Live Lunch as she’s leaving tomorrow!

05:32 – The question “What’s been your most memorable, live lunch?” was asked.

5:56 – Little walk down memory lane of our most memorable moments with Molly.

10:14 – Mostly talked about now is threads but there is a YouTube AI tool that’s been on provide creators with video title ideas. The aim is to boost views for creators.

10:32 – Threads has dominated the social media news. There’s been a few Twitter things come out this week that no one’s really noticed. It’s like they’re testing some job boards, basically, like job listings.

13:34 – Instagram is now when you tag a brand or put a picture of a brand up, it will automatically tag the brand and the actual product that you’re putting up there. So I think they’re trying to encourage brands to just be more present on social media. Also Instagram is now allowing you to download reels straight to your camera roll. TikTok have already been doing that. But now they’re talking about allowing us to take off the watermark.

16:43 – There was some LinkedIn algorithm changes a few weeks ago, now seeing far less video on LinkedIn again. So we’ve gotten to the point where using your TikTok reel style videos on LinkedIn was working nicely because it took up so much space on the feed. But then the change they’ve made with the algorithm, it kind of de promotes that type of content now.

17:29 – LinkedIn got rid of Carousels.

20:05 – Back to threads. I’m sure a lot of people have seen it. But obviously, it’s the quickest app to get a 100 million users. So chat GPT was the second quickest that took two months, TikTok took nine months, Instagram, two and a half years, threads five days.

32:42 Christina talks a little about avatars being shown on a video call instead of switching your camera on.

39:07 – Nicole rants about facebook and how it’s not as exciting as other apps.

43:10 – Where your friends are you interact the most with it. They could use Instagram the most and a different set of friends could all interact through Facebook.

See you next week!

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