GU Live Lunch – Ep 171

Green Umbrella Live Lunch episode 171

Join Christina, Kim, Nicole and Mark as they take you through this week’s Social Media news and updates.

Here are the snippets:

Here are the snippets:

00:12 – A handy new streamyard feature; you can now download recordings locally, as well as in the cloud.

02:22 – It’s content planning week on the Marketing Mastery Catalyst course, and during this week’s Q&A session, we spoke about the challenges we face when it comes to planning what to post on social media, how we struggle to be disciplined about setting time aside work on your plan, and also chewed the fat on back to school week and it’s challenges!

05:12 – Are LinkedIn really dumping hashtags? Mark Williams, aka Mr LinkedIn, broke the news that LinkedIn is testing the effect of removing hashtags. More info here:…. Although it looks like these may be a thing of the past, they are also turning on an ability for you to get updates around a specific search.

10:43 – LinkedIn has seen a 65% increase in learning hours for AI courses over 2022 to 23, so the platform is giving users access to the top 10 AI courses for free, until December 15th, 2023. More info can be found at….

13:50 – Threads by Meta is on a continuous roll, unveiling a range of new updates. These include a novel approach to tracking specific conversations, an improved display of post activity, the capability to quote posts on desktop, Thread editing, and more. Additionally, Threads has introduced an upgraded post activity display, allowing you to conveniently review Likes, reports, and quotes for each post individually.

18:40 – Instagram is currently testing in the Privacy section element of the app that you can either hide or choose who sees your likes and comments.

23:01 – Instagram has introduced a brand new “Following” feed within the Reels tab this week. This feature allows you to exclusively view Reels from the accounts you follow on the app.

24:40 – Meta is continuing its move away from news and politics by confirming the discontinuation of Facebook News in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany starting in December of this year.

28:25 – Why is the life of a social media manager so hard? A recent study of over 3,000 social media mangers revealed just 11% of them devote their entire time on social media. Are we expecting too much from our social media managers?

41:09 – Reddit is now providing its users with the capability to convert posts into various languages. Initially, there will be a selection of eight languages to choose from, encompassing English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish. To perform a translation on a Reddit post, simply click on the “translate” option located at the top, just beneath the Redditor’s username. It’s essential for users to specify their preferred language within their settings. Presently, this feature is exclusively accessible on Android and iOS devices, as well as for users who are not logged into the web platform.

53:00 – WhatsApp’s Got Some Exciting News: Topic-Based Channels Are Now Available in More Regions! Stay updated on what you love without the chat clutter. These channels have their own spot in a separate tab, making WhatsApp your go-to for all things you’re passionate about!

See you next week!

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