GU Live Lunch – Ep 172

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After a week off, we’re back to bring you all the latest social media news. Christina is away at an event, and Nicole is taking a well-deserved holiday so it’s Mark and Kim holding the fort today.

Here are the snippets:

03:06 – Lapse, the social camera app, has taken a bold approach to user acquisition by making friend invites mandatory for entry, a departure from the invite-only norm in social apps. Originally introduced in 2021, Lapse has undergone a transformation, now reigning as the top app in the U.S. App Store. Its ascent from No. 118 Overall earlier this month to the coveted No. 1 spot has been remarkable. The app mirrors the nostalgic disposable camera experience, akin to competitors like Dispo and Later Cam, yet distinguishes itself with unique modifications. However, some aspects of its approach have raised eyebrows.

06:15 – X CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed video calls in the app’s transition to an “everything app.” Recent code discoveries show support for audio and video calls, available exclusively to X Premium members. Users can opt for calls from Verified users, followed accounts, or contacts. The feature is opt-in, encouraging users to subscribe for access, part of the X Premium package, offering various upgrades.

07:23 – X is considering introducing an ad-free version within its X Premium subscription package, following Meta’s lead. Code snippets suggest a new tier, “No ads in For You,” allowing users to eliminate ads from their timeline for a higher fee, potentially exceeding the current $8 X Premium cost. This move could generate additional subscription revenue without majorly impacting X’s ad business, encouraging users to opt for a higher subscription tier and potentially boosting the platform’s verification program.

08:47 – Adobe Photoshop has incorporated AI image features from its beta version into the standard release, accessible to all Creative Cloud subscribers. Additionally, OpenAI’s image AI, known as DALL-E 2, is launching its third version soon, expected to improve prompt interpretation and produce more intuitive and high-quality images. This update will integrate with various platforms like ChatGPT, enhancing the overall AI image creation experience.

11:22 – LinkedIn is enhancing accessibility on its platform through a new initiative where all articles published directly on LinkedIn will be processed using Microsoft’s “Immersive Reader” system. This tool, originally designed for students, offers text-to-speech, translations, and other features, catering to visually impaired audiences. LinkedIn is integrating this system into its content creation tools, allowing users to choose from a variety of formatting features with just one click. This update aims to provide a more inclusive and customisable reading experience for LinkedIn members.

See you soon!

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