GU Live Lunch – Ep 173

GU Live Lunch Ep 173

We’re back to reflect on an epic Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham. Check who we thought had the best stand, the best promotions and merchandise. In the week of Mental Health Day (October 10th), we discuss our thoughts and feelings about how you can look after your mental health.

Here are the snippets:

02:43 – “Recruitment Agency Expo. It’s a two-day event at the NEC. It’s always, always a good crowd comes through. It’s one of these events I really enjoy because it’s just down the road from us. It feels like it’s on our turf. We get loads of existing clients who come in and are our friends in the industry and loads of other recruitment suppliers.

03:51 – “Merch is important from a brand perspective, absolutely. But it’s got to be the right merch. It’s got to be stuff that people will keep on their desk forevermore, where your brand name is constantly going to be in front of them.”

11:39 – “Went to expert empires in September 2022. Very, very different events. And I was super nervous. Like, what the hell am I doing here? How have I even got here-type feelings? And I was really nervous.”

12:26 – “A lot of people were coming over, and then I had to pretend I knew what I was talking about. And usually, I would be absolutely filled with dread. But I didn’t feel that this time. I was just comfortable. I was actually enjoying it. I was actively going out and getting people into the stand. So yeah, I definitely noticed a shift between the two events, mentally.”

14:06 – “I’ve done The Breakthrough Experience (, my friends have noticed the difference. There’s less chaos, is how I would describe my world, I’m more comfortable and if people don’t like me, that’s okay.”

15:56 – “Never in my life thought that you would get me to be like meditating or anything like that. And for anyone that’s thinking What a load of old rubbish, what I will say is try it, just try it. Just try it for a couple of weeks. Doesn’t have to be hours on end, five minutes any day.

17:07 – “Just starting my day, the first half an hour of my day with a gratitude list and the silent time or just the time to reflect reading just two pages of a personal development book is made such a massive difference.”

24:09 – “Stay off your phone for the first hour of your day. Before you know it, I’d be sitting in bed, the alarm would go off, and I’m having an argument with Barbara on Facebook, I’m talking to my friend on Snapchat. I’ve spent half an hour looking at people cooking their dinner on Instagram. And that’s all before I’ve even put my foot on the floor. It’s just crazy!”

25:10 – “If you’re going to spend time on social media feeds, make it so that what’s in your feed is the stuff that’s going to build you up. If your mental health gives you some learning, and it is a case of what you follow, is what you engage with, that controls what puts into what gets put into your feed.”

27:03 – “What we see is all the awful things that kids do and how it’s always blamed on social media. Who left the kids on social media in the first place? Who gave them a mobile device when they were seven years old? Yeah. So there is there’s a massive lack of responsibility when it comes.”

29:35 – “Thinking about mental health, and how you protect yours, how you improve it; if you don’t read books, there are certain Instagram accounts where it’s motivational video after motivational video after motivational video. Just find the accounts that work for you.”

30:02 – “I think the social media giants are fighting a losing battle. But they are constantly trying to update things, bring in new algorithms, new processes to get rid of the fake news.”

38:29 – “Breathwork is so so powerful. So powerful. And there’s there’s a whole other level you can go to with it. There’s like different breathing techniques, different breathing. Yeah. And then mudras, which are essentially like hand gestures. As human beings we are energy. And it sounds mad that you can channel the energy within your body. That’s essentially what’s happening. Yeah. It’s like when you’re able to clear your mind, and all that crap falls away. And it’s just the body that’s present. It’s, it’s, it’s really powerful. When you actually experience the possibilities of it.”

For more information about The Breakthrough Experience, visit Come and hang out with Christina and the rest of the success psychology team on November 18th!

See you soon!

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