GU Live Lunch – Ep 178

Copy of Copy of Live Lunch

Join Christina and Kim in chatting about podcasts, Threads hashtags, Instagram text-to-speech updates, LinkedIn photo carousel news, and more.

Here are the snippets:

01:24 – As Streamyard becomes more and more popular for recording podcasts, interviews and more, we notice a few handy updates including appearance touch-ups, camera mirroring, and the ability for the host to place timestamps for key moments.

09:14 – Threads launches topic tags. Think hashtags – but without the hashtags! This will enable you to link your Threads updates to a broader selection of posts on the same subject. Instagram said “When you’re creating a Threads post, press the # button or type “#” followed by text to add a tag. When you start typing, corresponding options will appear – or you can create your own tag. Once you select the tag and post, people will be able to click into the tag to see related posts on the topic.”

10:59 – There’s now an updated process in your Threads settings (under “Account”/”Delete or Deactivate Profile”) which enables you to deactivate your Threads profile. And if you don’t reactivate it within 30 days, it will be deleted entirely, with your Instagram profile being unaffected by any change. After its launch earlier this year, users raised concerns they would lose access to their Instagram if they deleted Threads.

12:16 – Lots of Instagram updates this week including text-to-speech on Reels, adding clips with audio to your reels from the new media clip hub, plus many more. Full details can be found at…

14:54 – LinkedIn is getting rid of carousel posts, profile videos, and its in-image linking option shortly, which will also result in the removal of previously posted carousels, and the de-activation of in-image links.

19:24 – A new report from Pew Research shows more and more people are now getting news content via TikTok…yes, really!

26:24 – Ida, a fairly new French startup, wants to use AI tools to work with supermarkets and grocery stores to optimise new orders of fresh products in a battle to reduce food waste and prevent food shortages.

28:25 – Instagram is getting rid of Guides. Instagram first launched Guides back in 2020, as a means to highlight themed content and showcase more in-depth material in a more engaging, interactive way. More info at…

36:45 – We look forward to this year’s National Online Recruitment Awards (Nora’s). The 23rd annual NORAs will be held in person on Wednesday 6th December 2023. Christina is part of the judging panel this year.

See you next week!

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