GU Live Lunch – Ep 181

Live Lunch Episode 181

The morning after the night before…The NORA’s. Christina and Kim tell us what they got up to, a heartwarming story of the journey home, and some social media news thrown in.

Here are the snippets:

02:10 – We got the pleasure of joining the best of the best in the recruitment industry for the 23rd NORA awards ceremony in London.

04:13 – Our train journey home is a story of community and humanity at its finest. What could have been a stressful, crowded journey home turned into a quiz with strangers and some interesting conversations!

09:35 – LinkedIn rolls out new updates for newsletters, including improved creation and customisation tools. They have added duplicate draft templates, which enable newsletter creators to streamline their creation process by replicating previous newsletter formats.

16:41 – Instagram is testing out another way to encourage interaction within Stories with some users now seeing a new “Hype” option, which enables you to post a comment to a Story that other users can then also see in-stream, rather than it going to your direct messages.

29:40 – Meta has announced a ton of new AI generative features for the festive period including in-stream visual creation options, AI post prompts, expanded availability of its virtual characters and more. will create images based on your prompts.

32:40 – Meta is set to remove cross-app messaging between Facebook and Instagram. Meta says that any existing cross-app chats will become read-only, which means that they’ll remain archived but will no longer be active.

38:41 – TikTok owner ByteDance is the latest platform to test out bot creation, via a new, soon-to-be-launched platform that’ll enable AI chatbot customisation, within varying parameters.

40:52 – After initially launching its Ticketmaster in-stream purchase partnership in the U.S. last year, TikTok will now enable users in more regions to buy tickets to shows in the app, via an expanded collaboration with the global events giant. Users in over 20 markets will now be able to purchase event tickets in the app, via direct integration with Ticketmaster which will facilitate its in-stream purchase flow.

See you next week!

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