GU Live Lunch – Ep 187

Live Lunch Ep 187

We’re joined by Personal Trainer Jessica Billingsley from Become Bodywise.

Become Bodywise is more than just PT, it’s a community of women who are working on their health, fitness, and mindset.

Key Takeaways:

02:30 – “I specialise in weight loss. The majority of the ladies that I work with come to me wanting to lose weight. But then there’s lots of kind of subsections of that. So improving their confidence, and improving their self-esteem, the way that they talk to themselves, the way that they think about themselves. So yeah, predominantly weight loss, but then obviously, we go a lot deeper into why they want to lose weight.”

04:14 – “I think that it’s fantastic that people are setting those goals for themselves and wanting to become a better version of themselves. But a lot of people do it in a way that isn’t sustainable. So they go right okay, I’m going to lose five stone, I’m going to not eat any chocolate not eat any crisps. I’m gonna go for a walk every day. I’m gonna go to the gym every day and it’s just not sustainable.”

07:02 – “Generally people struggle to reach their goals when they don’t have the right knowledge, support and accountability. So my advice would be, if you don’t know what you’re doing, there is so much information out there on social media on the Internet, if you’re struggling, follow some fitness accounts, you can follow my fitness account @Become-Bodywise on Instagram and Facebook.”

08:10 – “Get yourself into a community where you’re surrounding yourself with like-minded people. And if you are fortunate enough to have friends and family that are supportive, then tell them that you need the accountability and that you need them to keep you accountable to doing what you need to do to get to where you want to be.”

14:31 – “I’d always recommend a magic plate. So have a quarter protein, a quarter carbs and the rest high volume. So salad, veg, good foods. And so then for your three meals and then snacks, I’d say have things that you enjoy. It’s really, really important that you’re not cutting out the foods that you enjoy.”

17:00 – “If you sit at a laptop for eight hours, and you do not move, you are going to be a lot less productive than if you do 45 minutes. For me I do 25 minutes of focus work, I then have five minutes off. And that’s not five minutes scrolling on my phone, that’s five minutes of no technology at all. And it’s really, really important, and it’s going to help you be so much more productive with with your business or, or your your job role as well.”

22:36 – “If you follow what works for someone else like for you, you and Kim are both on health and fitness journeys. If you followed what worked for Kim, you wouldn’t get to where you want to be because it works for her. And vice versa. It’s about finding what works for you as an individual. And it can be quite hard to find that. So my advice would be if you try something, and it doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get to your goals. You just need to find the right way to do it for you.”

22:39 – “To become a personal trainer, you just need to go and do a level two and level three PT, and you’re qualified to Coach and Personal Training. But for me, everything I teach is based on my own experience, and that is why I’m so good at what I do because I have been through it myself. So I used to be a size 18 to 20. And I was miserable. I was unhealthy. I was unhappy. I struggled with my mindset.”

26:16 – “I think it if you can master your mindset, you can achieve anything – fact!”

30:23 – “Body Dysmorphia is a much bigger issue than people realise. When I’m talking to people all the time, it’s like, you need to do your photos, you need to do your videos for social media. And they’re like, Yeah, but I don’t like how I look on camera. And it is, it’s because we look at these, we see the imperfections.”

37:40 – If you’re working for a company at a desk, you get a lunch break? Am I right? Yeah. Most people should get a lunch break. A lot of people work through their lunch breaks. But again, I’m important that you take that time to be more productive. So my advice would be on your lunch break, go outside, go for a walk, just move that it doesn’t have to be much just something.”

41:40 – “Anything that you can do in your work environment, in terms of movement, whether it’s standing up, sitting down, circling your arms, reaching out, reaching down, standing up and touching your toes, 10 times, whatever it is that you can do and feel comfortable doing is going to help.”

44:47 – “I have recently started working with a new coach as well, who specialises in menopause. So sleepless nights and brain fog, all those things as well. She’s absolutely incredible. And she focuses more on that side of things. so if you’re struggling with perimenopause or menopause, reach out to us.”

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See you next week!

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