GU Live Lunch – Ep 201

Live Lunch Ep 201

Christina and Kim chat about the last social media news including a VERY exciting Google/AI update!


It’s been one of those weeks where the social media platforms appear to have woken up! There’s tons of news out this week so we’ve picked our favourites.

Here are the snippets:

02:06 – WhatsApp has updated its UI (User Interface) a separate coloured header bar at the top of the app is now gone, while the search icon has been replaced with a larger prompt for Meta’s new AI chatbot. Notifications are now green instead of blue and you can filter by All, Unread & Group chats – we like a lot!

05:09 -Meta has confirmed that it’s shutting down its Workplace platform, which is essentially a version of Facebook built for internal communications, and sealed off from the wider web. Think Meta’s version of Teams/Slack. Originally launched in 2015 as “Facebook at Work”, Workplace provides all of the usual Facebook functions on an internal system, with the idea being that it can reduce the training time for internal collaboration tools, by providing professionals with the Facebook interface that they’re already familiar with.

10:43 – TikTok announced it’s testing the option for creators to collaborate on their posts. Similar to the Instagram feature, TikTok users will have the ability to invite 4 accounts to collaborate with on one post.

11:57 – The big news of the week is Google have announced Generative AI in Search; Let Google Do The Search For You. Instead of trawling through hundreds of links to find the correct answer for your search, Google will tell you exactly which one is correct and will even let you take a video and do a search based on what’s in the video – perfect for when that bit of tech or product is broken and you haven’t a clue how to fix it. Simply take a video of the issue and let Google do the work for you! WOW! Full details:…

31:36 – Small Instagram updates include Notes For Reel and “just seen” on grid posts.

33:05 – Are you recording videos on Instagram? (If not, why not!?) Instagram are using videos under 90 seconds higher in the algorithm.

42:42 – Edutainment is the content marketers need to be creating. That’s educational content that is also entertaining. Think about this when you next create a video. Deliver your message, but make it entertaining.

See you next week!

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