Do You Have A Healthy Follower/Following Twitter Ratio?

Twitter ratio There is only one reason why some Twitter users follow hundreds of people, and that is to simply increase the number of people that follow them back. It is very easy to get large numbers of Twitter followers if you simply use this tactic, but quality far outweighs quantity every time.

Here are three reasons why following everyone back is a pointless task.

  1. Twitter Spam – the more people you follow, the more you are open to Twitter spam.
  2. Missing important tweets – Following lots of people will result in a very noisy Twitter feed.
  3. Twitter does not like it and will suspend your account! – If you have an unhealthy following/follower ratio  Twitter frown on it as they know the reason that you are following people. They have increased the following limit to 5000 people now, but if you reach that number and you do not have over 5k people following you back then you will no longer be able to follow new people.
  4. Good luck!

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