How to Post as your “Business” on Facebook


In March 2016, Facebook have removed the ability to “switch” from your person to your business page for all profiles.

Fear not! You can still achieve all of the functions that you could before, but they are just in a slightly different place.

In this video, Julia talks through:-

1. How to see your business page home feed.
2. How to comment, like and share as your “business” not your person
3. How to like another business as your “page” not your person

How to find what “other” pages have liked your business page

Once again, Facebook have moved this to another area.  To find out exactly who has liked your page, whether that is a person or a business simply follow these steps. By the way, if a business “likes” your page, then this “like” is not included in the number count. You may have over 500 businesses that like your page, but you will never know unless you check it out.  Here’s how.

Step 1 – click settings

Step 2 – click “people and other pages”

Step 3 – click the little arrow, and select pages that like this page.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.47.19


Restrict your countries

We have also found recently that banning certain countries from your Facebook page enables much better reach and quality of people who are actually liking your page.  If you are a local business then please consider changing your country restrictions.  Here is how to do this:-

Step 1 – Click settings

Step 2 – Click general

Step 3 – Navigate to country restrictions

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.49.36


We hope that these little tips help, but if you have any questions then my team is available on live chat today during office hours.


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