How To Use A Cool LinkedIn Feature When Out Business Networking

When Christina showed me this new LinkedIn feature I was a little bit excited to say the least!  It has saved me so much time!

Imagine the usual scene.  I am at a networking event and as the round robins are working their way around the room I am ticking them off the delegate list and searching for them on LinkedIn.  I am keen to make an impression and most people are surprised to receive an invitation to connect on LinkedIn during the event.  This is a good tactic, but in reality, I find that I am not listening to their pitch as I am busy looking on my phone searching for their profile.  I am also aware that this probably makes me look rather rude as if I am not really interested in what they are saying.

Enter “Find Nearby”.  A cool little feature that was introduced to LinkedIn a few months ago, but it had slipped my radar.  Thanks to Christina, I can now launch the app, connect with most people in the room quickly and then spend the rest of my time doing what I should be doing whilst out networking…. speak to people!

I hope you find this feature useful.  I certainly did!


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