How to Use The New YouTube Premiere Function

youtube premiere

Did you know that you can now schedule a video to be released on YouTube that is announced on your channel?  This way your subscribers will receive a notification when you are about to release a new video and everyone can watch it together, commenting in the box on the right.  You can get involved with your audience and start to build a real community.  I absolutely love this feature!

Ironically, I was uploading the “How to use the YouTube Premiere Feature” video onto the Green Umbrella Facebook Page when Facebook prompted me saying “Did you know that you can now schedule this video as a premiere video on Facebook!” – so Facebook has launched exactly the same feature.

Last week, Social Media Examiner announced that long-form video content on Facebook is dead and they will only be posting on Facebook.  I personally feel that if SME were using the Premiere Feature so that they are getting involved with their community then this would be HUGE for them on Facebook.

Anyway, below is this week’s education video showing you how to use the YouTube Premiere function.


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