Sometimes… We Need to Revisit the basics!

Sometimes… we need to revisit the basics!

Sometimes… We Need to Revisit the basics!

Sometimes… we need to revisit the basics!

There are all sorts of challenges that come up when I’m speaking with people about all things marketing. I like to think that for every challenge, we have a useful resource to help – whether that’s a blog, a checklist or an eBook. 

Who is your ideal client?

I was discussing Facebook advertising recently with someone who is in the early stages of launching a business. I discussed the fantastic options available in terms of targeting and how important it is to understand your ideal client. The response I received was that this business owner was struggling to define who their ideal client was. 

Conversation quickly turned into me asking a series of questions and coaching them into identifying and recognising some key traits, and before long, we had the beginnings of a persona or avatar. It made me realise this is an exercise that’s almost always done when businesses begin, but that it also needs to be carried out again as businesses change, grow and mature.

Creating an avatar

Creating an avatar or persona is, for many, a painful experience! If you have a team of people, you need to ensure everyone in the business understands who these avatars or personas are, and sometimes getting that information out of your head can be a job you put on the bottom of your to-do list and avoid! 

So – I’m pleased to announce a brand new resource for you!

Define your ideal client

I really hope you find this resource useful – I’ve written it as a guide to take you through the process of breaking down your ideal client, and there’s a poster in the middle for you to use and complete as you work through each section.

Have fun meeting your ideal client – say hi to them for me! 

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