Instagram Posting – Why And How We Do It

Instagram posting – why and how we do it

Instagram Posting – Why And How We Do It

Instagram posting – why and how we do it

At Beyond Theory, we’ve been using social media channels for some time now. Initially LinkedIn, then Twitter and Facebook accounts soon followed. About six months ago we decided to use Instagram. Here’s my story of why, how, and so what?

As a business training company, you’d expect us to have a clear strategy for using social media. We do – it’s part of our overall marketing strategy. Using social media to build our brand’s presence is our aim. And it’s building very nicely.

So why Instagram?

We were recommended to use Instagram by one of our clients. They’re in the hospitality industry and were already using Instagram to entice people to stay at their hotel and use their facilities. With this suggestion in mind, I began to think if and how Instagram could help us promote what we do and how we do it.

After some brief experimentation, we decided to give Instagram a go. No additional equipment needed. I have an iPhone 7 which is very practical to use and well up to the job. The Instagram app is intuitive and straightforward to use. Our strategy was to capture moments from our training workshops and other events we either run or attend. Everything is strictly business.

How do we use Instagram?

We capture images from our training sessions or events we attend or support for our own professional development. Making people aware that we’ll be doing so is important, and almost everyone is delighted to give their permission.

Action shots are captured. For example:

  • People discussing the topics we debate during our training.
  • Employees and managers interacting in the team exercises we use.
  • Speakers making key learning points.
  • Images of clients’ venues if these are of particular interest.

Exploring the Instagram app enabled me to decide on a particular style of image. We’ve decided to use the moon filter which gives a classic black and white image. We alter the angle slightly and apply a soft focus. We avoid showing our clients’ logos – a decision we made because we want to promote quality learning rather than enter into a competition about whose logos get shown, how big they are, etc.

We always apply some written commentary on our Instagram posts too. This brings attention to the points that we want to make although, of course, the image itself enables the post reader to make their own interpretation. We look to provide key points of interest that will help build our brand rather than blatant advertising.

On the advice of one of our very active Instagram clients we now use hashtags. These help reach those readers and followers who are interested in particular subjects. We use as many relevant hashtags as we can.

So what?

A great question. Six months in we’ve decided to stick with using Instagram. Our audience is growing. We have a number of clients who follow us, as well as others who see us as subject matter experts for employee engagement, leadership & management, and customer excellence. We also have the ubiquitous social media junkies who like and follow; perhaps to build their own social media presence too.

Cost vs. benefit? The costs are very little. The app is free, and no additional equipment is necessary to begin using Instagram intelligently for business. Only a time commitment is needed, and this is very little. Posting on Instagram is relatively quick and easy to do. There are obvious things to do about making sure your Instagram logo is evident on your website and referenced in your marketing collateral. The benefits of raising brand awareness far out-weigh these very minimal costs. And using Instagram is fun too.

In summary, get a plan together and give it a go.

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Paul Beesley - Senior Consultant at Beyond Theory.

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