Instagram Tip: One Of The Best Tools Of The Trade Is Wordswag

Fantastic Instagram  App called Wordswag I love Wordswag and I use it every day.   Everyone tends to use Wordswag on Instagram, but not everyone uses all of it’s features.  In fact, it took me a while to figure out some of them!

* Search the database of excellent images and use them completely free of charge.  (note: click where it says “Search pixabay images” ie: type in “camera” and see the collection of camera images.  Lots of people only use their own photos from the camera roll, or the backgrounds that are showcased – but go one step further and search for the perfect image.

* If your image is going on Instagram or Facebook then try to choose “square crop” as these work better.  However, I have been using the “don’t crop” images for my blog articles as they are landscape.

* Try the “shuffle” (see the two dice) on the right, when you are trying different text styles.

* I also like to play with the colour feature.  If you go right to the end then you will see multi-colours and these can look really good with the right image.

* On the image icon, click to play with “blur” and brightness and other styles.

*I have had problems posting to Pinterest in the past but it seems to be playing nicely at the moment.

* Always add a watermark of your company logo to all your images.  I keep a vector image of the Green Umbrella logo in my favourites.

* I also keep some templates that we have created in my favourites such as “tip of the day” or “happy birthday” – we simply fill in the blank.

I hope this helps.

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