Is Your Facebook Page Missing These Key Ingredients?

Is Your Facebook Page Missing These Key Ingredients?

Is Your Facebook Page Missing These Key Ingredients?

Is Your Facebook Page Missing These Key Ingredients?

You have created your Facebook page, and have already started posting regular updates. If you read last week’s blog on the Green Umbrella site, then hopefully you have introduced some new strategies to your pages such as welcoming, inviting, live streaming and much more (read the article here of 5 things to do on Facebook every day). But there is no point in posting anything if there are key ingredients that were missed out during the rush to put your page together.

When we onboard a new client, part of that process is to have a look at their Facebook page and make sure that the foundations are built correctly. If you have built a firm foundation, then you have a rock solid page to grow your audience and your bottom line.

This list is NOT a complete list, as each type of page is different. This is a list of the common mistakes I see when we critique our new clients’ accounts.

Mistake #1 – You Rarely Update Your Facebook Cover Photo

A Facebook cover photo is a fabulous opportunity that is often wasted. We recommend changing your cover photo every 6-8 weeks. Have one cover photo that is your generic cover photo, and then theme your replacement cover photos throughout the year. Some popular themed cover photos may be Macmillan Coffee Morning, Halloween, Children in Need, Christmas, Wimbledon, British Grand Prix, a special event that you are exhibiting at, etc.

Hop over to your cover photo and check two things:-

  • What was the date that you last changed your design?
  • Have you added a description with a link to your website?

Bonus: Video cover photos certainly get more exposure. Have a look at the Green Umbrella page as we upload a new video cover photo each week (tip of the week). Mark uses Adobe Creative to create our video tips of the week. Cover photo videos must be between 20-90 seconds.

Mistake #2 – You Have Not Activated Your Services

This option is for service based accounts.  If you do not see a services tab on the left-hand side of your page then you will need to add a service based category in the “about” area.

The services are extremely important for two reasons.

  • You can start to tag your services in posts and videos for additional exposure (no brainer!)
  • You will also start to appear in the page  – why risk the opportunity of being found?

Mistake #3 – Forgetting to Add Your Privacy Policy and Terms

You all know how protective people are about their privacy nowadays.  If you have a privacy policy on your website, then making sure that you have added this to Facebook is essential.  It adds credibility for your company.

Your terms of business is located in the Impressum area; simply hover over the words “privacy policy” and then click the “edit” button on the right-hand side to add your policy URL for your website.

Mistake #4 – Your Page is Not Verified

Getting your Facebook page verified is an essential ingredient for your business.  Not only will your pages appear higher in search results, but the little grey tick shows the world that you are the official page for your business.  If someone else sets up a page in your name, then viewers will know that your page is the right page to follow and that the other page is fake.  Add some credibility to your page and show Facebook that you are serious about your business by getting your little “tick” asap.

To activate your verification go to settings > general > page verification > edit and follow the on screen prompts.

Mistake #5 – You Have Not Set Your Out Of Office Message Prompt

Did you know that you now get penalised if you do not respond quickly to customers who message your page?  Yep, your response time to messages and post comments has an effect on the reach of your content.  An easy way to respond to all customers immediately is by activating your Response Assistant in the settings area.  Go to settings > messaging > Response Assistant

Here are our three automated messages that we have set up for the GU page.

If you want to go one step further then check out the Facebook Messenger bots.  A good place to start to learn about messenger bots is ManyChat.  The free basic platform gives you many options and it is a fabulous way to offer great customer service or turn those browsers into customers.

Mistake #6 – Leaving Your Preferred Page Audience Blank

Please take five minutes to update this section of your Facebook page.  Facebook will show a percentage of your posts to random people.  Unless you tell Facebook the type of person who would be your ideal audience then you will be missing out on a golden opportunity.

To edit your page preferred audience, go to settings > preferred page audience > edit

Did you know that there is also a section to send your individual post to a particularly targetted audience, without paying for it?  Not all pages have this feature, but many do.  It is particularly handy for recruiters and estate agents who are targeting local demographics.  Simply look for the little target symbol when creating a status update.

Mistake #7 – You Still Have Numbers in Your Facebook URL

Take a look at the website address for your Facebook Business Page.  If you still have a long string of numbers after the business name then it’s “tidy up time” (I can hear my mum saying that!).

To get rid of those numbers, go to About > General > edit your username

Try and keep the name as short as possible as you will be using this address in your other marketing collateral such as business cards, flyers, pop up banners etc.  You also want people to find you easily.


I know it’s an old saying, but if you build it then they will most certainly come!  These seven simple steps will certainly help build a solid foundation for your Facebook Page.

Good luck!

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