Is There A Process For Blogging

Process for blogging The answer to that one is yes! Consistency is the key to success for any type of marketing and blogging is no exception.

I will go into more detail in further tips, but here are a few things to consider:-

  1. Does the content show personality and is it conversational?
  2. Will the readers get value from the article (make sure it is not salesy).
  3. Does it answer a question, issue or other topic your readers need or want to know?
  4. Have you included some type of act, figure or statistic?
  5. Have you spell checked the article? (We use grammarly to check for spelling and grammar)
  6. Read the article out loud. This is very important as it is the easiest way to pick up mistakes.
  7. Ask another person to proofread the article for you.

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