LinkedIn Connections – How to Export your Connections


Whenever I mention that you have the ability to export your connections details into a CSV file at presentations or workshops, there is usually an “ooh, ahh!” noise, however, I usually have one or two people who feel that it is against data protection regulations to use this information.

I am not sure who is right, and there is a bit of uncertainty, especially if you speak to anyone who is in the legal sector, but I ask you the question:-

  1. Why would LinkedIn allow you to export the data if you were not allowed to use it?
  2. As you have connected with someone on LinkedIn, doesn’t that give you the right to email them?

This video explains how to export your LinkedIn connections into a CSV database, but it also gives you some ideas on how to use that data.

As promised, here is the link of the video that shows you the exact process:

We would also recommend speaking to HRC Law, ask for Simon Whitehead, if you have any legal questions about this topic.

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