Nine Tools To Help You Create Social Media Content

Nine Tools To Help You Create Social Media Content

Nine Tools To Help You Create Social Media Content

Nine Tools To Help You Create Social Media Content

We all know that the days of simply posting a text status update are long gone.  If you want your content to stand out amongst the crowd then it’s time to get creative.  Adding movement, sound and visuals is essential, so here are nine ways to help you get your creative juices flowing.

Convert your blogs into slides

Tool #1 – Slideshare

Sometimes, using slides is a very visual way of showcasing one of your longer blogs.  I am sure this particular blog would look great as a set of decks.  There are many tools in which you can do this but if your audience is B2B, then I would recommend adding your slides onto Slideshare.  Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn, and you can showcase your newly created slide deck on your LinkedIn profile, giving you additional exposure.

Video is a must if you are a content creator!

When it comes to video creation I currently use three different tools to create different results.

Tool #2 – Ripl

Ripl is a Marketing Team in Your Pocket! It only takes seconds to customise your content and share on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  They prompt you with hashtag ideas each day, and the templates are very creative.  If you are time starved, then the scheduling feature works a dream.  For those of you who like to measure stuff, then you will love the stats!  Here is a Ripl post that I recently scheduled into Twitter.

Tool #3 – Covideo

Covideo is a video email service that drives business, creates more leads and converts more customers.  I particularly like the way in which you can customise the background of the videos.  I use these a lot for customer quotations, onboarding email sequence for new customers, out of office messages and one off personalised video messages.  Check out this one which is part of my onboarding process for the GU coaching club.

Tool #4 – Camtasia Studio

If you are serious about creating regular videos, then it is important to make sure that you have good video editing software.  I use Camtasia studio as it is so easy to use (their video tutorials are easy to follow).  If you want to find out what hardware I use (ie: microphone, etc then click the video below)

Have you considered infographics?

I guarantee that a percentage of your audience will enjoy infographics.  They love looking at statistics and facts that are presented in an easy to absorb way.   So what are the best tools out there to create such infographics?

Tool #5 – Piktochart

Piktochar is probably the easiest infographic software to use out of all the ones that I have played with. You can do quite a lot with the free version of Piktochart, but there are premium options available that give you more flexibility.  Next time you are writing a whitepaper or an ebook that is showing stats of some kind, why not break up the text with a stylish infographic?

Engage your audience with polls, surveys or quizzes

Apart from using the poll feature within Facebook, I would certainly look at using survey tools or quiz software to engage your audience with your brand.  We have set up spelling and social media quizzes and it is a great way to capture data so that you can market to your audience.  The three sites that I would recommend are:-

Tool #6 – Proprofs

If you wanted to charge for your quizzes or online training then this is a good tool to use.

Tool #7 – Survey Monkey

Free of charge software to create surveys, which you can then embed the results into an email campaign or a website.

Tool #8 – Typeform 

This quiz software looks amazing on a mobile phone and is my favourite one to use.

Share your ideas via audio

Perhaps you are not comfortable with being in front of a camera, but you don’t mind being a “voice” online.  Creating a regular show is hard work, but perhaps recording your blogs into an audio file, and adding this to your website is doable.  At Green Umbrella we use Audioboom to achieve this function.

Tool #9 – Audioboom

Originally called AudioBoo (why they added an “m” on the end I will never know!).  Audioboom will also link to iTunes and Sticher radio, so you have a chance of your content being heard on other channels as well as your own blog.  Starting packages are £9.99 a month.

Here is an example of one of our guest blogs that have been recorded on audio.


There are hundreds of tools out there to help you stand out from the crowd, and the above are just a few ideas to get you started.  If you have any tools that you would like to share with us then please comment below.  We add all of our most popular tools into the GU Toolkit which can be found here. 

Good luck!

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