Our Online Marketing Courses Have Now Launched!

Online Marketing Courses

Our Online Marketing Courses Have Now Launched!

Online Marketing Courses

Yes! It’s here! We’ve wanted to create Green Umbrella online marketing courses for a while, but it was just one of those things that kept getting pushed down the list. But finally – we’ve done it and we’re ecstatic to announce the launch the first of what will be many courses coming online in the next few weeks!

LinkedIn Courses Now Available

We’ve launched our on-demand training hub with two courses designed to help you leverage your presence on LinkedIn. These two courses answer the questions we’re asked most often and delivered over a series of videos meaning you can act on what you learn at your own speed.

  1. How To Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile – We take you through the most important elements of your LinkedIn profile and discuss how best to optimise your presence. Find it Here
  2. The Key To Generating Leads On LinkedIn – Having an awesome profile on LinkedIn is only one part of the formula. You also need to use your presence to attract, nurture, and identify qualified leads! Find it here

Purchase Our Live Webinar Replays

Did you miss one of our Live Webinars? Through the Green Umbrella online training hub you can purchase access to any public Live webinars that have been run since 1st March 2020. including…

  1. Avatars and Personas – What are they and why do you need them?
  2. 20 Content Ideas For Social Media Success
  3. The Essential 10 Point Checklist For Facebook Pages

You can view all the online marketing courses and live webinar replays available by clicking here or on the banner below!

What do you need to learn about Marketing?

I really hope you make use of the Green Umbrella Marketing Online Training Hub and I’m looking forward to watching the resources available on it grow and grow. So here’s my question… What do you need to learn right now from a marketing perspective that will help your business grow?

Tell me – and we’ll work to create a course around it!

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