How Recruiters Can Blog to Get More Leads

How Recruiters Can Blog to Get More Leads

How Recruiters Can Blog to Get More Leads

How Recruiters Can Blog to Get More Leads

For a lot of us, writing blogs seems like a lot of effort for very little reward. From generating the idea, through writing and editing, to hitting publish and sharing it out on social media, there’s a lot of work involved. But there are huge business benefits to blogging. Let’s look at what those are for a recruitment agency…

Build a Reputation as an Industry Expert

Every recruitment agency is different. The best ones know this, and they hone in on an area of specialisation. This means candidates and clients immediately know what that recruitment agency does, alongside knowing what that agency can provide them with too. A well-run, thoughtful, niche blog only adds to this reputation.

A recruitment agency can use a blog to position itself as a voice of authority within the marketplace. They can use their blog to differentiate themselves from their competitors, showing an in-depth knowledge of the sector(s) they specialise and recruit within. Candidates and clients want to work with a recruitment agency that knows their industry inside and out. A recruitment agency that has an expert blog, full of insights and advice that candidates and clients can’t find anywhere else, is far more attractive than an agency that doesn’t blog.

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Generate More Leads Through Downloads

Once you’ve established your blog as a must-have resource within your niche, it’s important to think about how you get a tangible return on your expert reputation. A great way to do so is by pairing up your blog posts with a relevant download. The trick is to provide added value with something like an eBook. Visitors to your site (candidates, prospects, and clients) can download your content in exchange for their email address.

You can provide industry analysis, information on the best times to post/apply for jobs, and any other relevant insights into the sector you recruit within. Whatever content you provide here, it must be specific, tailored, and valuable to your audience. This will have a great return of leads into your business if done well, and it provides a great resource to market out on social media to an even larger audience.

Why This Strategy Works

The approach we’ve outlined above isn’t that different to cold calling a list of prospects or prospective candidates. What is different though is how these people first make contact with your agency. Rather than you reaching out, they come to you seeking information.

In the examples above, candidates and clients come to you looking for expert industry insights. In both instances, your blog serves as a calling card; it stands as an example of your agency’s expertise. This approach results in leads back into your business, leads that have actively chosen to ask you for further help.

Use Your Recruiters

Now, it’s worth considering this approach in more detail. Blogging ensures prospective candidates and clients see your agency as credible. You’re providing insights they can act on, and you’re showing your knowledge, too. But all this trust and credibility is based around your recruitment agency, not specific recruiters.

So, it’s worth encouraging your recruiters to start blogging and adding their voice to relevant pain points within the industries your agency recruits in. This means your recruiters can start to build up their own voice, still writing for your agency of course, in turn building their names as trusted and credible advisors further cementing your agency’s reputation as an industry leader.

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