How to Search Facebook using This Free Tool

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In this week’s educational video, I show you how to use the free search tool from Intelligent Software to source and connect with your ideal target audience on Facebook.

The examples that I show in the video are based on a Wedding photographer, looking for engaged people in the small town of Daventry, as well as recruiter who is looking for a software developer in Manchester. 

Please do not “add friend” otherwise you may find that your account gets blocked or suspended.  I would recommend doing one of three things:-

  1. Send them a message which is not a “sales message” – click here to find out how to compile the perfect sales email.
  2. Or take the name in the search results and find the people on LinkedIn – connect with them this way, which is much more acceptable.
  3. Or – use to find their email address, and send an introductory email to their inbox.


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