Facebook Tip: Share your Screen on Facebook Live

Facebook Tip: Share your Screen on Facebook Live Hallelujah! Up until now, in order to share screens when going “live” on Facebook, we’ve had to use external software. That has now all changed! The Facebook feature for screen sharing is an extension of your browser. The extension currently works on Chrome, but not on Firefox, and allows you to share your screen, window or webpage (great for powerpoint type webinars).

The introduction of the share screen extension will hopefully make life easier, although, from reports, it seems it lacks the ability to customise the broadcast.

What do you think to this new feature? Until they improve the customisation, we will continue to broadcast on Facebook using eCamm live. We particularly like the ability to “preview” the live button, record it as an MP4 so you can post to other platforms, and the full customisation.


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