Should I Start a Podcast?

Should I start a podcast

Should I Start a Podcast?

Should I start a podcast

Do you remember back, towards the end of the summer, I announced the launch of my podcast Christina Talks? Since then, like clockwork, every week, episodes have been released and I am absolutely loving my new hobby! But why did I decide to do it and why would anyone have a Podcast?

There has been a definite trend over the last few months of new Podcasts appearing via Apple Podcasts and Spotify, especially from business owners and entrepreneurs who are working with niche clients. These are presumably busy people, and having a podcast requires commitment and resource – so why are they carving out the time and investing in the process?

How Can A Podcast Benefit My Business?

These are the key benefits I see for businesses and brands:

  1. Trust – Having a podcast can allow businesses to demonstrate what they do. This is especially true for service-based businesses or anyone who is selling something intangible. Through your podcast, you can create a 121 experience in the minds of your listeners by literally having your voice in their heads!
  2. Give Value – I have been accused several times of giving away too much. However, I attribute the survival of Green Umbrella throughout a global pandemic to our ability to give on a consistent basis. Giving value can be educating your listeners on how to resolve the pains they’re experiencing that relate to the solution you offer.
  3. Nurture and Retain – When it comes to marketing, gaining raving fans who will tell the world about you is a tough gig, but keeping them loyal is even harder! Podcasting offers a pseudo 121 experience, and an additional touchpoint to allow you to take prospects and existing clients on a journey with you. (Ugh, I used the J-word again didn’t I.)
  4. Positioning – Your Podcast can be whatever you want it to be, but incorporating guests is a no-brainer from my perspective. Bringing guests into your podcast allows you to position your brand amongst the peers within your industry. (It also allows you to leverage the audiences of your guests for maximum exposure!)
  5. Communicate Values Consistently – Let me ask you a question, and it isn’t WHY do you do what you do! It’s WHAT do you stand for? What is it that’s non-negotiable in your business? The content you share via a podcast gives you an opportunity to actively live the values that exist within your business.

Why Should I Start A Podcast?

In fairness, it’s all exactly the same reasons as above! Although I’d suggest one or two others in addition from my own experiences.

  1. Personal Brand – We all have one, whether we choose to work it or not! For some people, putting themselves ‘out there’ from a personal brand perspective is daunting. Podcasting is a more comfortable medium to do this with – there’s no video (unless you want to include it) and you can share the stage with your interviewee so you’re not in the hot seat!
  2. Perception – This ties in with Personal Branding but I wanted to list it separately. It continues to amaze me, but the overnight shift I’ve seen in how I am perceived by my peers and prospects is fascinating! As a podcaster, you are putting your opinion and knowledge out there for the world to consume on a regular basis. It’s hard to do that without expressing who you are on a much deeper level and almost impossible to do without authenticity. Podcasting has definitely levelled-up the respect I feel from my peers – and I know other podcasters who have experienced the same.
  3. Gaining Access – If you have a podcast, you not only have a brand, you have a strong brand. It gives depth to the value you bring to the table as an individual, and for that reason, it is easier to access those people who could help make drastic changes to you and your business. I have spoken with people I know I would have struggled to get a response from previously.
  4. Giving Access – Solo-episodes are a fantastic way of giving people access to you on a deeper level! It’s kind of uncomfortable admittedly, but massively valuable. I regularly have people reaching out to me because of something I’ve said in my solo episodes, just to say they’ve thought the same or it’s made them think of something that they want to share with me privately.
  5. It’s rewarding! – Podcasting is personal. If you stand on a stage and speak 1-2-many, you’re speaking to a crowd. 10’s, 100’s, 1000s of people could listen to your podcast and for each of them, the experience is 1-2-1. For that reason, when you get even the tiniest bit of feedback, it’s personal and rewarding on a level I can’t put into words.
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Will Podcasting Make Me Money?

Many people monetise their podcast, either through sponsorship or advertising and some use it as a lead generation tool. In my experience, since having the podcast I’ve seen an increase in referrals and introducers and I haven’t done anything intentionally to create this. Add to that the fact I’m still in my first year of the podcast and I can only imagine how the monetary value of the podcast will grow over time.

It is possible to make money from your podcast, but don’t go into it with that mindset. Go into it wanting to offer value and serve your audience; create good content, and the rewards will come.

Starting Christina Talks has been a commitment, and I was concerned that I might stray off the path of consistency. However, the rewards have helped keep me on the straight and narrow. everything I’ve included in this article are the rewards I’ve experienced since Episode one published at the end of August 2020. There’s no theory here – just practical outcomes and observations.

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast – let’s talk. I’d love to help and inspire you to get it done!

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