Avoid Using Subscribe To Our Newsletter On Your Website


As any good marketer will tell you, email is probably the most powerful tool to talk directly to your customers. Capturing email addresses from your website is essential nowadays, but there is a right way and a wrong way of doing it.

The words “subscribe to our newsletter” can be considered as words of doom for websites. People are so worried about spam and privacy nowadays, that they become reluctant to enter their email address into those types of forms.

Instead, consider an email exchange for something such as a free download or a special offer. This tactic is much more effective.

Another keyword to avoid anywhere on your website is the word “submit”.  Lots of web designers will add this word onto a button, however no-one likes to “submit” to anything and in your subconscious this evokes a negative feeling.  Use alternatives such as “download now”, “free offer” “upload here” etc.

I found an excellent article from Hubspot called 20 critical Do’s and Don’ts for clickable calls to action here.


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