Take Secure Card Payments Using Your Mobile

Worldpay Zinc for those handy times that you need to take payments face to face or over the phone. We have been using Worldpay Zinc now for about 12 months and it’s a handy tool for taking payments on the go. If you are attending an expo or trade show or some kind of event where you need to take credit card payments then this is certainly the product we would recommend.

It is easy to use and I love it as you never need to touch your customers card, and they never touch your iPhone.

I have been selling my books this way at various networking events.  I often forget to charge it, so I now keep a spare mini USB lead in my bag, so I can charge via my computer.

With Worldpay zinc, you can also take credit card payments over the phone, or send someone a link so they can pay you online.  The rates are also cheaper than Paypal.  No brainer!

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