Three New LinkedIn Features for April 2017

LinkedIn play

I have been on a bit of a LinkedIn bashing session for the last few months, so I thought I would share with you some great new features that LinkedIn have recently introduced.

Feature #1 – Messaging

Yippee, we now have LinkedIn messaging services from the desktop.  This is quite a handy little feature for the desktop version and it looks very similar to Facebook messenger. Send photos and images to your connections and have an instant chat. Well done LinkedIn!

Feature #2 – Trending News on the mobile

This is fab! I have already shared quite a few articles from here. Available on mobile only at the moment, but I do hope that they roll it out to the desktop version soon.

Feature #3 – Notification settings

If you get annoyed with LinkedIn telling you whose birthday it is today, or you don’t want to keep seeing a certain type of post, from certain people, then this new feature is brilliant – turn it all off! Available for desktop and the mobile app.

To see these features in action then just click play.


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