Transfer Business Cards to your CRM system easily with this app (SamCard)

Productivity Tip If like me, you end up with a collection of business cards at the end of a conference, networking event or business meeting then the SamCard app is one of the best apps to use to get them into your database.

I have used many apps to scan business cards, but I found it was quicker to type it in, rather than editing the information that the app had translated. It was frustrating.

After speaking at a gig in Birmingham, I received 122 business cards and I was dreading inputting this into MailChimp and Capsule (our CRM system). I knew there must be an easier answer, so I started on the journey of research and experimenting.

From all of the apps that I played with, SamCard was the best by far.

* Accurate translation, so limited time editing
* Simple to use
* I liked the export feature, so I can import quickly into Capsule and Mailchimp. Save as a Vcard and use the Capsule App to add to my CRM

* It’s not free. I paid £3.99, but well worth the investment.

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