Try MailButler to Manage Your MacMail

Try MailButler to Manage Your MacMail I love this tool! I have been using MailButler now since early 2016 and I could not live without it. It works as a plugin to MacMail (sorry to all you Microsoft Outlook users out there!) – not really sorry!

What does MailButler do?

They are constantly adding new features, but as I type you can:-

1. Snooze your emails so they vanish from your inbox for a few hours or days (but don’t worry they are safe in a snooze box). If you use David Allen’s theory “Getting Things Done” and Inbox Zero, then you will love this feature.

2. Tracks emails – you can tell the date and time that every email is opened, which is handy!

3. Scheduling your emails – if like me, you send emails at silly o clock in the morning, then you will find the scheduling feature a great little tool!

4. Reminders – it links with your reminders in Mac/IOS. (I do not really use this feature but some people would find this handy for tasks and for follow ups.

5. Notes – convert your emails into IOS notes.

6. Unsubscribe – now this is a new feature and I love it! Rather than looking for the unsubscribe button or link in an email, MailButler finds it for you and adds it to the top – so you simply click a button to unsubscribe! cool!

7. Signatures – they have many email signature templates. If design is not your thing but you want to look professional then you will find this appealing and very easy to use.

Check it out:

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