A Twitter Strategy To Increase Your Followers – Guaranteed


This is a genuine strategy, not one of those “follow / unfollow” or go to www.fivr.com and buy a load of followers.  I call it the retweet strategy.

When using this strategy you first need to create a Twitter list of your industry gurus. If you are not sure on how to create a list on Twitter then check out this video. https://www.green-umbrella.biz/twitterlists

In short, the process is:-

1. Launch Hootsuite (or Twitter)
2. Click on your “guru” list
3. Select one Tweet that catches your attention and something that you think your audience will benefit from.
4. Click the link and READ the article – this is very important as you need to add your commentary to the tweet, and you also need to know that the content is good, and not over salesy.
5. Go back to Hootsuite and click “Retweet to Quote”
6. Add your commentary as to why you are sharing it.
7. Always @mention and thank the person for providing such an awesome blog. (This is key if you want more followers).
8. The use the Autoschedule feature in Hootsuite.

Note: Other scheduling tools that work well for this process if you are not using Hootsuite are Buffer or MeetEdgar (use once facility).

Good luck!

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