The Ultimate Social Media Workshop For Recruiters! – Birmingham


The Ultimate Social Media Workshop For Recruiters! – Birmingham



Now you might ask how I can make such a confident statement.  The fact is, I ran a successful recruitment agency for many years.  Business was good but it was when I started to use social media that the business took off to the extent that I was able to sell it to a major national chain.

If you are working in the world of recruitment then you can no longer ignore social media. We now live in a candidate led world and therefore it is more important than ever to tap into those passive candidates. But, becoming confident in social media activity and language does not happen overnight. It takes time to build an audience before you can even think about conversions.

Eventbrite - The Ultimate Social Media Workshop For Recruiters! - Birmingham


Green Umbrella Marketing have put together the ultimate interactive workshop for recruiters and recruitment business owners to help you source and nurture potential clients and passive candidates.  We guarantee that you will be motivated, inspired and have a full action plan of what you need to do online every day to move your recruiting methods to the next level.


  • How the social media landscape is changing, with the latest up to date news!
  • How has LinkedIn changed since the Microsoft acquisition?
  • What is the best practice for daily activity on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • How to source candidates and new clients using techniques on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. (I guarantee that you will have some aha moments!)
  • How to create those brilliant images that other people are using, completely free of charge!  (Secret sauce!)
  • We will also touch on the latest trends such as live streaming, video production techniques without the big expense, podcasting and 360 interactive images.  Give your social media the “wow” factor
  • How do you measure up against your competitors?
  • Answering the question – how much time should I spend on social media?
  • How to utilise the time you spend on social media.  Recruiters are busy people, therefore being clever and optimising your posts to be sent out at certain times of the day will certainly give you the edge, and more time to do what you are good at – recruiting!
  • During this event, we will also cover the importance of mixing traditional marketing, email marketing and other online marketing techniques.  Having all your eggs in one basket is not a good practice for any recruitment business.

Eventbrite - The Ultimate Social Media Workshop For Recruiters! - Birmingham


  • Recruiters and recruitment business owners who are looking to enhance their social media skills.
  • Recruitment consultants who are looking to use social media techniques to source candidates.
  • The workshop is tailored for the independent recruitment agency, rather than national or corporate agencies
  • This workshop is NOT for beginners.  You will already be using the three main platforms at a basic level ie: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at a basic level.  We will expect you to know how to Tweet, and have your Facebook page set up, we will not be showing you the basics.  If you are not sure if this workshop is right for you then please give us a call, or click on the live chat – we will send you a link to a free assessment to test your skills knowledge.


  • Our delivery style will be a mix of slides, exercises, hands-on work (bring your laptop) and discussion.
  • You will be presented with an updated version of “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Recruiters” book
  • Professional workbooks, pens, social snippet and Haribos – Parma Violet free zone!
  • Julia will also bring along her squeaky giraffes for those “giraffe fart” moments!
  • We guarantee that you will walk away inspired and motivated to make a difference in your social media activities for 2017.



Julia Doherty is the published author of “Online Marketing for Small Business Owners” and finalist in “Most Innovative Woman of The Year”. With a background in recruitment and sales, she started her own digital marketing agency in 2009 after being an early adopter in the use of social media for business. She works with a wide range of clients to help grow their businesses through online marketing. Passionate about her subject, she is an inspirational and exciting presenter and trainer.

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