Use Evergreen Content As Much As Possible

If at all possible, try to make some of the content on your blog “evergreen”. This GU_Tips_Template_Evergreen simply means that it is not date or time sensitive so that you can publicize the content more than once on your different social media channels.

I remember in the early days of Green Umbrella I would write a blog post for “What is new in the social media world this week”, along with a video that I had created. Not only was it very time-consuming to source the information needed, it also took about 3-4 hours to write the content, put the video together, upload to YouTube and then embed into my website. The content always had lots of hits and traffic, but it only had a lifeline of about two weeks and then it became irrelevant.

I learned the hard way, and I now try to only publish content that is evergreen. I keep the “What’s new in social media” for my monthly coaching clients.

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