Are you using Hashtags in Your LinkedIn Posts?

Are you using Hashtags in Your LinkedIn Posts? In August 2016 LinkedIn finally caught up with all other social media sites and have introduced searchable hashtags in posts and articles. Will it catch on? I am not 100% convinced, but you need to be in it to win it.

Although you probably will not use hashtags in your everyday posts on LinkedIn, I urge you to add them to your Publisher articles. This will tell LinkedIn what categories your article should be submitted to, and it will be indexed accordingly.

When you click “publish” on your LinkedIn publisher article, a pop up will appear to add your tags. Add a minimum of three hashtags, and a maximum of five. The hashtags need to be words that are ideally within the title, sub title and content of the article. Please do not tag locations, or other keywords if they are not located within the document – this will have no benefit to your article.

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