I keep hearing about it…but what is ChatGPT?

What is chat GPT?

I keep hearing about it…but what is ChatGPT?

What is chat GPT?

Dear Nicole,

I’ve been hearing a lot about Chat GPT but not sure I fully understand what it is and what it does. I own a recruitment business and from what I’ve seen I feel it could be a useful tool but before I go ahead with Chat GPT I thought it was worth asking you what it is and it’s probably many useful features. Can you help?

Steve, Yorkshire

Dear Steve,

Firstly, what a fantastic question; it’s always good to do the research on these things before jumping ahead - seeing if it’s useful and how it can benefit you. You are not wrong about hearing lots about Chat GPT - I think it could be the next big thing that many use to support their businesses, etc. So, let’s get started; I’ve looked into this for you and summarised the main key points you need to know.

Chat GPT was created by Open AI and is an AI-based chatbot program that people use to generate dialogues using Natural Language Processing. The source of its data is textbooks, websites and various articles, which it uses its own language for responding to human interaction.

Chat GPT’s main features are writing code, articles, stories or poems, translating and debugging. To carry out one of these demands, all you need to do is type the key phrases into the chatbot.

To register with Chat GPT, you can use one of your existing email or mobile number via Open AI. And the final thing you are probably wondering is, is it free? As it currently stands, you can use the Chat GPT chatbot for free straight from Open AI’s website. But there is also a paid version, which costs around $20 per month, but this is only available in the US currently. If you are interested it’s probably worth testing it out now as you don’t not how long until this becomes a viral sensation, and in the future, we might find it is no longer a free tool.

I hope you found this useful, Steve and I'm interested to hear your thoughts on what you think of Chat GPT after this summary, if you use it and if so, how you found your experience.


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