Blog image. xAI - what the Grok is this?

xAI – What the ‘Grok’ is this?

By Christina Robinson / 24/11/2023
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Get ready to meet Elon Musk’s latest big idea…Grok! The AI Chatbot hoping to take on the big names such as ChatGPT, WriteSonic etc.

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What is chat GPT?

I keep hearing about it…but what is ChatGPT?

By Nicole Abbott / 06/02/2023
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Dear Nicole, I’ve been hearing a lot about Chat GPT but not sure I fully understand what it is and what it does. I own a recruitment business and from…

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Ai Copywriters

AI Copywriters – The Solution to Content Creation In 2023?

By Christina Robinson / 06/01/2023
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AI Copywriting If you’re in marketing, or it’s a subject that you are keeping updated on, you will have probably heard plenty of excited chatter about a tool called Chat…

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