Julia DohertyOk, so you have landed on our website, but I ask you the question…

how did you get here?

I am imagining that you are probably wondering if you are using social media to its full potential for your business, or wondering whether you are making some BIG mistakes that may be costing your business rather than engaging your customers and prospects and generating revenue.

First things first, if you have been working with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc for about a month or so and wondering why you are not yet seeing the benefits, then the golden rule is to first build your network of connections… remember, without an audience you are really just talking to yourself!

Marketing for businesses has seen a drastic change over recent years.  Traditional methods of marketing are seeing a huge decrease (such as newspaper adverts, leaflet distribution etc) and methods such as internet advertising and the use of social media has seen an increase (although I am personally not a big fan of Google Adwords or Pay Per Click).    Why do people react to social media rather than the traditional methods?  The answer to this question is a simple one… marketing is no-longer a one-way street, its an engagement of conversation.

Social Media actually leverages the power of the Internet and Word of Mouth Marketing, the most successful form of marketing since the beginning of time!

Let Green Umbrella show you how to engage with your target market (and each business is unique).


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