How To Use WhatsApp As A Marketing Tool

Christina on a green background holding her phone

How To Use WhatsApp As A Marketing Tool

Christina on a green background holding her phone

Are you using WhatsApp? I imagine most of you are, given that it is now one of the most used social apps across the world (and here in the UK especially)! Are you using WhatsApp to market your brand? Most of you will probably immediately say no, but I’d like to challenge that and get you using WhatsApp as a marketing tool!

Over the last couple of years especially, we’ve seen real growth in how WhatsApp is used, from increased use in 121 communications to the plethora of group conversations that exist around a specific topic and the use of it as a live chat feature on websites or a destination in Facebook Ads!

It’s always missed a few core features that would make it a better user experience, but over the last few weeks, features have been announced and even started to roll out that will improve user experience on the platform.

If you’re not using WhatsApp as a marketing tool, now is the time to start!

The current trends show that WhatsApp use is growing rapidly and has done over the last few years. Users are using the App daily, and messages sent via the platform have a much higher open rate than average email open rates. In a world where we look for more ways to create 1-2-Many communications, WhatsApp gives us the option to achieve this in a way that feels 1-2-1. Because of this, it’s possible to build relationships with people without the worry of algorithms limiting your reach, and of course, the cost of using WhatsApp is your time rather than your money!

I could go on, but in that paragraph alone there are, in my opinion, enough reasons to take the plunge if you haven’t already or have a more considered approach on the platform.

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What does a WhatsApp marketing strategy look like?

It’s not that much different to your other platform, in honesty!

  1. Decide what you want from it – What’s the goal/objective?
  2. Decide where in your funnel you should be using WhatsApp. (Tip: Use it at the points where you know people are taking longer to move through.)
  3. Consider who exactly you want to be talking to over the platform. As with everything else, success will come down to targeting.
  4. Build your platform – you have the option of a regular WhatsApp number or using a Business account. I would suggest the latter as you’ll be able to use out of office messages and get some insights into how you’re performing. There’s nothing wrong with using a regular account per see, but as your WhatsApp strategy starts to pay off, I promise you you’ll start to get frustrated with the many many notifications that will come your way!
  5. Build your contacts! Traditionally, your social media marketing strategy would include building your email list – now we want numbers too, so go back to the things you’re already doing and add a way of capturing numbers now too.
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Three WhatsApp Tactics You Should Be Using

  1. Groups
  2. Broadcast Lists
  3. Status Updates

WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp groups are limited when it comes to member numbers to just over 1000. Think of it as a big group chat with admins who can control who is in the group and moderate conversation, and regular members who can post and engage in conversation. Groups are created around shared interests, and the best examples of these are designed as safe spaces for professionals to share best practice.

Broadcast lists

Broadcast lists allow you to write one message and send it to multiple contacts at once, delivering a 121 message experience. It’s like doing a mailshot – only it’s a WhatsAppShot! This is great for offers or reminders to people who have already signed up for an event. Use them wisely, and don’t overdo it – my advice is to send broadcasts that are high value – Think what’s in it for them.

Status updates

Did you know you have the option of adding a WhatsApp status? Think of it as a Stories feature on WhatsApp. You add text, images or short video updates that can be viewed by your contacts. I have to admit I don’t use this often myself – but I should be!

So… remember at the beginning I asked you two questions? Are you using WhatsApp, and are you using WhatsApp to market your brand? You might have said no to the latter when you started reading, and now you’re thinking, ‘actually, yes I do!’. If that’s the case, consider the things I’ve said above, and with a renewed mindset, see what results you can now get from WhatsApp!

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