Are your testimonials on your website “wet lettuce” or are they credible?

Do you have testimonials on your website? Nothing can make or break your company quicker than people talking. The fact is, we are human beings and people listen to what others say. It is probably more important than ever to make those words count.

Avoid wet lettuce testimonials at all cost. Here is an example:-

“Very positive! Staff are always helpful and obliging. Also you found me the exact job that I wanted in the location that I wanted” – Community Safety Officer.

This has no credibility at all and it just looks like someone made it up. Get good testimonials with logos, names, photos or videos. If you can’t name your clients on your website, then don’t add it in at all.

At Green Umbrella Marketing, we go the extra mile.  Check out our testimonials here – you can even click on the individuals review and it will take you to their LinkedIn or Facebook page, where you can ask them yourself as to what they think of our services. Click here


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