Blogging Tips For…

Blogging tips for...

Blogging tips for business owners. Blogging tips for recruiters. Blogging tips for local business. Blogging tips for… There are so many iterations of this article we've written over the years! And through those articles, there are often some common themes and common questions…

What are the rules of blogging?

There are no hard rules, but people like a framework to stick to! (If that sounds like you, here's a blogging checklist!) The first thing to think about is having a plan around your blog titles. For me, I also need to ensure I protect the time to write my blogs, so that's rule two! I also think having a clear idea of themes you can follow really helps those of us that struggle with coming up with ideas for what we should be blogging about to! If you want to understand a little more about these three rules, I wrote ‘Blogging Rules To Live By‘ in early March.

Can I do a Vlog instead of a Blog?

Of course you can!!! It's YOUR blog! In truth, creating blogs that contain video, or developing an audio blog in the form of a Podcast, is ideal from an accessibility perspective too; and a great way of repurposing your content. People can consume your content on their terms – which often helps create loyal followers (assuming your delivering quality and valuable information).

Tips for maintaining a consistent blog

I'd 100% encourage you to consider a guest blogging strategy. Having contributions from other sources who can add value to your audience is common sense! If you're thinking why should I let other people blog on my website there are several reasons, consistency and variety are probably the two biggest benefits for most of the clients who use our blog writing service and have implemented the strategy.

75 ideas of things to post

Tips for finding new things to blog about

Every week I draw a blank on what to blog about – so it's not just you! Sometimes I even use the fact I've run out of ideas as the idea itself! Sometimes I use my own frustrations to create my blog titles. Check these out…

My Biggest Blogging tip…

If you've put all of this in practice and you've been blogging for a while, you'll probably still have times where you struggle to come up with something new. But you don't have too!

Look back at the content you've been producing and consider one of your key themes. Can you identify a collection of blogs you've written that can be pulled together in one highly informative article? That's all I've done here!

Most people will have scanned through and read the paragraphs that jumped out at them before clicking through to the blogs I've linked to. That's why we need to think about blogs as assets – the older they get the more value they have. We just need to look after them and keep those articles in good shape!

However, some of you will be reading this section purely because of the headline ‘My Biggest Blogging tip' wanting the ‘big fix' – don't be embarrassed… I'd do the same!

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