A Little announcement – AND a little favour!

podcast announcement - Christina Talks

A Little announcement – AND a little favour!

podcast announcement - Christina Talks

If you do the maths and work out how many hours you have each week after you’ve removed time for sleep, eating and an average workweek, there’s still a lot of time to fill. During lockdown, I, like many business owners, used these hours to double down on my business in order to ensure its survival. But all work and no play isn’t good for anyone – has anyone ever told you they’re worried you’re going to ‘go pop’ if you carry on, or that you ‘need a break’? Well, that happened to me and I thought everyone was nuts! How could I possibly not work the way I was at a time like this!?! When you’re being asked, or rather told, this by people in all areas of your life it’s time to pay attention and perhaps reflect on what you’re doing. So that’s what I did. Out of that, I discovered I needed a hobby and at the same time, I was also being encouraged to start a podcast of my own.

The Announcement…

The outcome of what I’ve explained above is, in short, that I am launching The Christina Talks… Podcast!


The podcast really is an opportunity for me to talk to some of the fantastic people I’ve met and worked with over the last few years. Some of these people were integral in my decision to become MD of Green Umbrella, some have been massive inspirations, some are just truly wonderful kind people I get to hang out with and talk entrepreneurship and marketing and some… well I’m just in absolute awe of. (Check out Episode 13 when it hits!)

Do me a favour…

I’d really appreciate you subscribing and helping me with the launch of Christina Talks!

Episode 1 launches this Sunday where I’m interviewing Hung Lee of Recruiting Brainfood. After that I have interviews lined up with Wendy McDougall from Firefish Software, Employee Engagement specialist Hayley Meakes, Long term client and friend Susan Rose, Cybersecurity guru Frances West and Sales coach extraordinaire Spencer Lodge (of whom I am an absolute fangirl dare I admit it. Spencer really was the one to make me take the plunge with this project!)

You’ll find the podcast in all the usual places – just search for ‘Christina Talks…’ or click on the Podcast platform of choice here!

Christina Talks Apple Podcast
Christina Talks Google Podcast

One final thing…

What have you got to share? For most of you receiving this, we’ve already met in person! Whether you have a story to share, or you want to pick my brain for half an hour let’s do it! Just reach out to me on LinkedIn and we’ll get you booked in to join me on Christina Talks…!

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