Do I Need a LinkedIn Page?

do I need a linkedin page?

Do I Need a LinkedIn Page?

do I need a linkedin page?

Yes! You need a LinkedIn company page! And yes, they’re hard work to grow, and the engagement can be super slow, but the benefits far outweigh all of that! Here’s the lowdown and a tip or two on how you can make your page work for you.

What’s the benefit?

Once you have your official LinkedIn page, your brand has a home on this platform. As you grow your client base and build loyal fans, they’ll have somewhere to follow to stay updated. Yes, those fans can connect with you too, but from a brand perspective, having those votes of confidence as follows under your company name is even more powerful. Add to that the additional Google Juice you’ll receive due to the page being indexed, and it all starts to fall into place!

But growing followers on a LinkedIn page is tough!

I agree. LinkedIn is the slowest of all social media platforms to grow. We don’t have the functionality we have in other places to outreach and gain attention. Just because it’s hard, though, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! That said, it is now the easiest I think it’s ever been to grow your page.

Your LinkedIn strategy should involve building your personal profile and connections so you can transfer your audience across to your company page. You can do the latter in a couple of ways…

  1. Engage with the posts you create on the company page as yourself. This then pushes that post organically into the feeds of some of your connections, where they’ll see a call to action to follow your page.
  2. Each page admin has the ability to invite their connections to follow the page. There are a total of 100 invites per page per month. (These 100 are shared across all admins – unfortunate it isn’t 100 invites each.) 
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What makes a good LinkedIn page?

Complete your information in full. Everything from the text in your about tab to adding your locations is essential. You have the opportunity to add a tag line under your company name on your page, too, so make it’s powerful!

There is a call to action button that you can use to send people to a URL. It sits front and centre on your LinkedIn page – Use this wisely! It’s a fixed link from LinkedIn to your website. Is there a specific page that’s more valuable to LinkedIn users than simply your home page? If so, link to that! 

And, of course, make sure you brand your page effectively. You can add a branded header and, of course, an avatar. Just make sure the avatar is clear; we should see who you are at first glance. This image follows you around everywhere on LinkedIn, so you’ll want it to be easily recognisable. 

As I write this, we’re waiting for dark mode to arrive on LinkedIn too. Make sure your avatar is going to ‘work’ in dark mode and not get lost on the page! (You should really be doing this for all social platforms anyway!) 

Keep it alive

In the early days, it’s likely you’ll be the only one following your LinkedIn company page, but as you grow your audience, you need to keep it alive by posting regularly. You can start off posting just three times a week, but by the time you reach around 500 followers, once a day is ideal. When you hit five figures, or if you’re running paid ads on LinkedIn, that’s when you’ll look to double down and increase this further. These are guidelines on the minimum you should be doing. The quicker you can get to daily posting, the better, in all honesty!

As to what you post on LinkedIn, as always, be clear on what you want out of it! This is a place to communicate your culture, your values, your core messages, and to evidence your thought leadership. If there’s anywhere you should be celebrating your wins, it’s your LinkedIn company page. The same is true for your people (assuming you have a team) introduce them to the world! 

There is a whole lot more I want to share with you on the subject, but I’m going to keep that to myself. If you want to know, you’ll have to rock up when I’m speaking on the subject, enrol in one of our online courses, or pin me down for a chat!

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