Embracing JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out


Embracing JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out


Just like you, I’m living in a world that’s constantly online, where every second is potentially shared, liked, or retweeted. Where the constant notifications mean having the opportunity to switch off fully feels at times impossible. It’s a world where the idea of “JOMO” – the Joy of Missing Out – brings a much-needed breath of fresh air. Why am I telling you this? As much as I love what I do, as a leader in the world of social media and online marketing marketing I have a responsibility to promote understanding and advocate for JOMO and the need for the occasional digital detox. It not only nurtures our mental well-being but also allows us to create healthier online habits while nurturing our creativity.

Taking a Respite from the Social Media Frenzy

The concept of stepping away from social media might sound counterproductive for some of us, but it really is essential. We all deserve the chance to disconnect and recharge. In fact, for many of you who are social media managers or business owners, it’s even more vital, as you’re constantly immersed in online platforms. Genuine happiness often resides in the moments we actively experience, free from the pressures and distractions of social media. By unplugging, you can rediscover the real world, relish meaningful moments with your loved ones, and prioritise the things that you’ve been pushing aside.

Advantages of taking a break from social media from a Mental Health Standpoint

  1. Anxiety and Stress Alleviation: Social media inundates us with a continuous influx of information, opinions, and comparisons, which, for some, intensify stress and anxiety. Taking a break offers respite, giving you back a sense of control and privacy.
  2. Heightened Self-Worth: For some, there’s the little gremlin that compares what we’re doing with what we’re seeing others do. This can affect self-esteem and self-worth. We know we shouldn’t make these comparisons however on a down day, it happens to the best of us! Stepping away from what’s in your feed gives you the opportunity to focus on what you’ve achieved, your accomplishments and your journey.
  3. Amplified Concentration and Efficiency: That mobile device of yours is constantly pinging isn’t it? The constant flood of social media notifications can disrupt your concentration. A break enables you to regain focus and accomplish more in less time. It allows you to be present and can even help you recalibrate simple things like your sleep patterns!
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Nurturing Creativity by Unplugging

I always think it’s a little ironic that if we want social media to work, we need to be creative. And that one of the best ways to boost creativity often involves switching off and removing the stream of digital input we’re receiving. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about here, isn’t it funny how we always seem to have our best ideas when we’re in the shower, driving, or taking a walk somewhere?

  1. Novel Perspectives: Removing or reducing digital input gives us the mental capacity to look at things from a fresh perspective. Stepping into real-world experiences can and will trigger innovative content ideas.
  2. Conscious Observation: When you’re not glued to a digital screen, you get to see the beauty around you. It’s amazing how the little things you may have otherwise missed can invigorate your creativity.
  3. Personal Advancement: Detaching from social media and all things digital has the potential of enabling you to explore different interests, and gather insights that you can weave into your content strategy.

Guiding Others to Embrace JOMO

As a social media manager, influencer, or leader in your niche, you have the power to influence your audience’s online behaviours. Here’s how you can promote JOMO among your followers:

  1. Setting a Precedent: Share your own stories of digital detoxes and the positive effects they’ve had on your mental well-being and creativity.
  2. Instructive Content: Create content that educates your audience on the advantages of digital detoxes and gives some practical advice for more mindful social media usage.
  3. Genuine Engagement: Advocate for authentic interactions – highlight the significance of quality engagement over sheer quantity.
  4. Offline Endeavors: Inspire your followers to disconnect and engage in offline activities, nurturing the thrill of missing out in the virtual realm.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I practice what I preach. Writing this article is the last task before I disappear for my own digital detox for the bank holiday weekend. I’ve recognised I need it because my creativity is not at its usual level, and each time my phone pings, I’m getting caught up in and distracted by my social media feeds. So I’m taking a few days to pause. I’ve cleared my diary and turned my notifications off, my phone is on Do Not Disturb and I’ll be limiting my time to a 30-minute check-in once a day (I still have a business to run!). I’m going to go for a few walks, hang out in a few art galleries, spend time with my nearest and dearest and wander around some places I’ve never been to before. The most profound moments arise in life when we’re truly present, this in itself elevates our quality of life. I’ll miss a few things I’m sure. However, I’m looking forward to the joy of missing out for a short while.

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