How To Find Out What Businesses Have Liked Your Facebook Page

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Did you know that the number of likes on your Facebook page does not include any businesses that have liked your page.  Green Umbrella has over 600 businesses that have given our Facebook page the thumbs up, but this figure is not included in our likes figures.

So how do you know if a business has liked your page?  Also, how do you find out what pages your business has liked in the past?  Thank you to Susan Rose China for this question.  You will find the answers to both in the video below.

The short version of how to find businesses that have liked your page

  • Click > settings on your Facebook page
  • Navigate to > people and other pages
  • Click the drop down menu and toggle to > pages who like this page

The short version of how to find the businesses that you have liked as your business

  • Click > home
  • Navigate to the right hand column of the home page
  • Page down (right at the bottom) to > pages liked by this page

I hope this helps.  Please click the share button if you found this useful.

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